Garden Rules

The following policies were designed to protect the plant collection and enhance visitor experience:


The Botanical Garden is a museum and hence, must be visited with due sensitivity. Access is only allowed for cultural, didactic and educational purposes. Visitors must comply with the following regulations:


• Walk on the paths and walkways and avoid invading ornamental or experimental plant beds.


• Do not remove or damage plants or their parts. Refrain from climbing on trees and shrubs, picking fruits and vegetables This rule also protects visitors from contact with possibly toxic or otherwise dangerous plant material.

• Do not litter and use the appropriate bins to throw away any rubbish.

• Guides and chaperones of school groups must ensure that the visit is conducted in an orderly fashion and that the students are always under direct supervision.

• No animals are allowed into the garden (except for registered guide dogs), not even on a leash. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades etc. are also prohibited.

• The introduction of any plant material, including dried, is not allowed unless it has been expressly authorized.

• The introduction of games or other recreational material (balls, kites, frisbees etc.) is not allowed.

• Photography and films are only permitted for personal use. Any other form of recording re-quires written permission from the Director.

• The Garden provides many benches throughout the grounds for resting. Please refrain from lying down on benches, so that other visitors may have a seat. Laying blankets on the grass is never permitted.

• Having lunch in the Botanic Garden is not permitted.

• Smoking is prohibited in all buildings. Smoking is permitted in all outdoor areas.

• You can take photographs and videos in the Garden only for personal use Special permission is required for commercial photography

• For their safety, please supervise children at all times.

• Cycles must be left in the parking spaces provided for them near the entrances.

• The Director, Curator or Gardeners are able to exclude from the Garden any person who is considered to be guilty of misconduct.

• The Garden reserves the right to refuse admission.

• Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.





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